Yellowstone Wildlife

The most interesting  aspect of Yellowstone for me is the wildlife.  No matter how many times I have seen wild animals, I still get a kick our of seeing them in the wild.  I love zoos but . . .

Basically, the technique is to drive along until you see a group of people looking at something off the road. That thing is usually a wild animal.  Not exactly a wilderness experience but it does not require much walking.

As we first drove into the park we say a group of people looking at a buffalo (they call them bison in the park) off in the distance across the Madison River.  We looked to the left and saw this guy just jogging alone,


Later the same day we saw the only bears we encountered.  They are a bit hard to find these days because the rangers have tried to keep them in the back country.  The days of feeding a bear a peanut butter sandwich from your car are long gone.  Here are the mother black bear and her cub that we saw.  The picture was taken with a 300 power telephoto lens.  God only knows what the people who were firing away with their cellphone cameras got-they were a good way off.


The most ubiquitous animal in the part is the buffalo (OK, bison).  You see them all over-usually lone bulls who have left the herd.


Yellowstone is truly the “place where the buffalo roam”-and they roam wherever they damn well please.


Nothing can faze these behemoths except for an 1870s hide hunter with a .50 caliber rifle and a taste for slaughter.   Maybe we will see the great herds again since the Indians are buying up large parts of the Great Plains with the idea of returning it to its natural state.

The second most common wildlife in the park is the elk, the bigger cousin to the deer.  I was not able to get a shot of a bull with a really big rack, which can reach up to 5 ft in height.  Here is a doe grazing.  It was really great watching her run away but I didn’t have that type of camera.


Finally, I said that I got only 1 picture on the second day before my camera battery died, but it was a good one.  Well, here it is-Mr. and Mrs. Elk just “chillin” in the river.DSC_0147


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