Yellowstone Scenery

The wonders of Yellowstone are almost endless. Much of it is very difficult to photograph. The little wonders, like wildflowers or birds, for instance, could be shot if you had a great deal of time, which we did not. Some things, like the forest which is growing over the areas burned in the 1988 fires (by the way, we were in the park during those fires), could be shot but it would be very hard to show the detail of the old trees on the ground with the newer ones growing over them. There are magnificent long range vistas all over the park. Shooting them is easy but pictures never seem to convey the majesty of the view. Also, there are so many that this blog would be endless.

Also, I must confess that on our third day there, out of three and a half, I took one shot (a good one-see two elk in a river on next post) and then my battery died. So I was not “armed” for about a third of the park, which unfortunately included the Yellowstone Canyon (not quite the Grand Canyon but still grand), Yellowstone Falls (the best of many in the park), Yellowstone Lake (largest lake in the US after the Great Lakes and Tahoe) and many other great spots. For that I apologize.

But I did shoot some good stuff. I have been To Yellowstone at least twelve times and the parts that still get me the most are the incredible meadows along the creeks and rivers.




Here is one with a small hot spring in front of it.


How about a little falls in the shot.



Or how about a big falls.  This is Tower Falls.


I have grown a little tired of geysers and hot springs over the years but I did take a few shots of them.They are also the most crowded areas in the park.

Obviously I could not pass up Old Faithful. However, what most impresses me there is the Old Faithful Inn-a truly amazing structure. It is basically a five story log cabin with lots of rooms.  It was built in none month-in the winter!


We stayed to watch the geyser (which is now the Old Semi-Faithful since they now can only predict eruptions within a fifteen minute or so time frame).  It was not a wilderness experience. We stayed on the viewing area on the front roof of the Inn.  We were not alone.

DSC_0139 DSC_0141

I did take a few other “hot shots”

DSC_0136 DSC_0142

I will finish with an impressive canon-but not the big one.  You will just have to imagine that-or Google :Yellowstone CanyonDSC_0123

The animals-my real favorite part of Yellowstone-next.





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