Glacier National Park 2

On our 2nd day at the park, since we could not drive across the park, we drove around the southern end of the park and up the eastern side.  Our destination was the hotel at Many Glacier, which I remembered had one of the greatest views from the front windows.  In front of the hotel is a lake and beyond that two glacial valleys extend out like the arms of the letter “v”.

Big disappointment No. 2 ensued.  We drove for THREE AND A HALF HOURS through constant rain to get there and this is what we got to see. 



Again, all was not lost.  On the way back (another 3 1/2 hour drive) we did get to see a couple of black bears


and a moose cow and calf.


I forgot to mention in the last post that during our drive up the west side of the park we had an interesting deer encounter.  Driving down the gravel road we saw a small white tail doe eating something in the middle of the road.  We drove to within 50 ft and she just stayed there.  I got out, closing the car door, got my camera, closing the back car door an took this picture which speaks for itself.


I got back in and drove towards her.  We got to about 15 ft from her before she backed off a few steps and watched us go by.  Then she went back to eating whatever it was. 

Final Glacier note-I loved the tour buses.



One thought on “Glacier National Park 2”

  1. What speaks for itself in the deer picture? Also, nothing disappointing about the view from the hotel from my perspective. That’s the prettiest view I’ve seen in a long while, fog or no.

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