Glacier National Park 1

Also disappointment no.1-not the park’s fault actually.  The problem was that the Rising to the Sun Road which goes across the middle of the park was closed for its entire middle section-snow.  That meant we could not get up into the high country where the really spectacular views are found.  We could only go 14 miles into the part.  However, all was not lost.  Check out this shot over Lake MacDonald .Image


All we could do was drive around the lake and up MacDonald Creek-which sure looked like a river to me.



We then drove up the west side of the part to a tiny historical town of Polebridge.  This is about it-but it is on the National Register of Historical Places.




This little store had incredible baked goods.  The cinnamon rolls looked like each one could feed a family of 6.


The view from there was rather impressive.Image

Along the way we encountered this slice of Americana in the middle of no where.  It is a bar, restaurant and store, which apparently does well when the season gets going. We just had some huckleberry ice cream.  Nice folks run it.


An indication of how well the place does was that, while we were there, the owner put 6 large briskets into his smoker and said it would last only a couple days.  His smoker was a monster and he talked like he was an expert at using it.





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