The Side Trip

eWe stayed an extra day in Stanley because Jeff said he would guide on a jeep trip up to an old mine way back in the mountains.  He was not kidding.  I drove the jeep with Jeff, Jeff’s sister Kathy and Joaquin north from Stanley about 40 miles and then east.  We had paved roads for a few miles during which we encountered one of nature’s phenomenons.  We say thousands ( millions?) of newly hatched crickets crossing the road.  The dark areas on the second photo are masses of small crickets. I suggest you blow these up.Image






Jeff explained that these little devils hatch in awesome numbers,with voracious appetites, and then head for the available food.  In other words, the farmer’s field on the left side of the road was toast.

I drove further on paved road, then good gravel road, then not so good gravel road, finally up a road that clearly required something like a jeep.  The really tough road started at the old mill for the mine-which has been closed for many years.  Look how far one can see from there.


The  mill processed the gold ore which was actually mined on the other side of a high ridge.  The ore was transported over that ridge with some sort of cable system.  Here is what is left of the building where the ore was received.


So we drove up, and then back on this road.  Some of the road was better than this, and some worse.  It was real work driving it.Image

The road took us to the top of the ridge which was at approximately 10,000 ft.  There was almost no vegetation but incredible views.Image



Finally, the jeep commercial




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