Getting going


This blog is about my RV trip with my friend Joaquin and two dogs-my golden retriever Gus and my son’s puggle Henri-up through the Sawtooth National Recreation area to Glacier National Park and back through Yellowstone National Park.

First, let me introduce the rig.   It is a 36 ft Class A motor home made by Gulf Stream.  It has a  V-12 Ford gas engine which gets 8 miles to the gallon (uphill, downhill, towing or not towing).  I tows my Jeep which is perfect for running around after you stop.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0005


It is a veritable  home in itself.  Here-looking forward, looking back, and the bedroom.

DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009


We left on June 15 and spent the first night parked on the street behind the Pershing County Courthouse.  No one objected, actually there was hardly anyone around except for some neighbor kids.  They ran the dogs ragged which was good since they had been cooped up in the rig all day.



The second night was in Jackpot, Nevada, one of those towns that exist only because the Idaho-Nevada border is there.  In other words, it is nothing but casinos.  It was raining hard so we did not do much there but watch tv and have dinner at Cactus Pete’s.  Lousy food. I guess the great chefs of New York and San Francisco do not move to , Jackpot, Nevada.

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